Space Camp Day 4

Another fun filled day of activities. Today the students listened to special speaker Arno Den Toom. He’s a Space Camp Turkey Alumni and botanist who specializes in research on how to grow food in space! Pretty cool! The students are beginning their rehearsals for their Space missions in the shuttle simulator. The students have a script. They are given different jobs/roles. They begin together by assigning their roles in the group. Then, they read through the script together to get a feel for it. After, they have a rehearsal. Some students are in the mission control center, others are the astronauts and missions specialists inside of the shuttle, while still others are at the controls in the International Space Station. It’s a great experience because it gives the students a real idea of how the astronauts communicate using real language. Even cooler, all of the buttons they get to push and play around with!

This evening was « International Night. » I have to tell you that, as a teacher, I was SO PROUD of all of the students. They represented Saint Denis International School and France SO WELL! The group performed the skit we have been rehearsing for so long! Bérénice played a beautiful piano solo, Pauline and Apolline got the crowd pumped up with a song, and Pauline and Apolline’s group also practiced a traditional Turkish dance that they rehearsed with their team leader (a total surprise to me!) I was gleaming with pride for our students. They truly are the fabulous 7! I will post videos later in a DropBox for you all to see, but for now, here are some photos I captured:

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