Esther tells us about her week:

On Monday I was just going to school like a normal day, I see my friends and just go to class.
On Tuesday I was really happy because the basketball team was coming in Mount de Sales and I see Cédric and my best friend Victor and it was really funny and after they has the game and with Abigaël we were so excited and we support the team like nobody on the gym.
On Wednesday I just pass the day with the basketball team we were just going to an Indian parc and it was so funny with Victor we just see an alligator and we were so scared and after we was coming at school and I was just saying goodbye I was sad but I am going to see them in 2 weeks so I am good.
On Thursday we has no school so we were to hair cut for Flannery.
On Friday we were going to the mountain in North Carolina and it was so long but it is so beautiful.
On Saturday we were going to the snow tub and i was really scared but I was taking my courage and I do it with Tj (my host mother)and after i was taking an hot chocolat with her and on the afternoon we were going on the hot tub and it was so cool and calm and we were making a big fire outside and we were roast Chamallows it was so good i am shooked.
Today we were just going to shopping and i am so happy because I find 2 gifts for my brother and at night we roast Chamallows and we make our suitcase because tomorrow we go home.

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