Petit concentré d’informations sur le départ

La navette nous récupère à 08h00 à Roissy, Passage à Amboise vers 13h00, Sublaines 13h30 et Loches 13h50.

Affinage des horaires durant le trajet.


Hello there !!

The last day in the US is close for our travelers!!

We are taking off from Atlanta at 5.35 pm on Thursday (all together).

Atlanta and Macon students should all meet around 2.15 / 2.30 pm at the Air France Check in and check in together and stay together afterwards close to the boarding gate until I arrive with Augusta Students.

Augusta students should meet with me at the airport (in Augusta ) at 1 pm ( we take off at 3.21 pm).

Myrtle Beach have their flight at 11.05 am so I think they should meet around 9.30 at the airport (in Myrtle Beach).

Feel free to send me an email or a message ( WhatsApp 0609968708 ) would you have any questions.

I will name a few students as leaders for each school and make them responsible for the other kids ( Léonie and Jeanne in Macon, Pauline and Gatien for Atlanta, Maelys and Victor for Myrtle Beach. They know how to communicate with me and the other students).

Thank you very much for taking care of them during this last month and thanks again for your help for the departure procedure.

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