Space Camp Day 6

Our last full day at Space Camp has come and gone. Today the students finished up any activities they hadn't participated in yet, presented their "Colony on Mars" projects, and participated in a Quiz Bowl, testing their knowledge on topics they learned about this week. After, we joyfully celebrated our new friendships at the end... Lire la Suite →

Space Camp Day 5

Today was the day! Rehearsals were over, scripts were practiced, and it was MISSION TIME! It was an exceptional experience to watch these incredible kids, speaking and acting as real astronauts during their missions. They had to run through shuttle preparations, launch, separate the engines, connect with the International Space Station, fulfill their missions and... Lire la Suite →

Space Camp Day 4

Another fun filled day of activities. Today the students listened to special speaker Arno Den Toom. He's a Space Camp Turkey Alumni and botanist who specializes in research on how to grow food in space! Pretty cool! The students are beginning their rehearsals for their Space missions in the shuttle simulator. The students have a... Lire la Suite →

Space Camp Day 3

More fun today with the various simulators found at Space Camp Turkey. We also had the privilege to meet with HAM Radio Amateurs. They explained how HAM radio works on radio waves and how the signal is much more reliable than our mobile phones, especially in emergency situations. They brought their radios and made connections... Lire la Suite →

Space Camp Day 2

An exciting day for the Fabulous 7! Students woke up at 8, breakfast at 9, and then activities activities, activities! The students have been split into 3 different teams with other international students. Each group does different activities at any given time. Here are some of the highlights I captured today including the 1/6th gravity... Lire la Suite →

Space Camp Turkey

A great day of travel despite the 1 hour delay at the airport. After a quick dinner it was straight to group activities and bed! We are so happy to be here and are looking forward to a great week!

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